Monday, April 16, 2012

Marble Painting Madness!

Painting with marbles is fun! You'll need:
  • shoe box
  • marbles 
  • paint
  • card stock cut to fit inside the shoe box
  • fork (optional)
Place paper and marbles inside shoe box, squirt a small amount of paint blobs onto the paper (if there is too much paint the marbles won't move quite as fast). Then tip the box all sorts of ways and voila! Also we ended up using a plastic fork to push the marbles around and scratch in the paint. If you want you could cover the top of the box in saran wrap and seal with an elastic band and shake it for younger children so they can still see what is happening without the mess. We did have a few marble escapees! Miss Independent had fun giving the marbles a bubble bath afterwards.


  1. I love marble painting! I'm going to feature this tomorrow on my Weekly Kid's Co-op post. Come by and check it out!