Monday, April 16, 2012

Preschool Work Trays

Here are the work trays my three and five year old have been choosing recently. Inspiration from montessori books and montessori inspired blogs, in particular playing house in maryland blog. These also work wonderful at preschool.  As children arrive in the morning, have trays set up for them to choose. Then after a designated period everyone moves right until all have had a turn with each tray.

Scooping and color matching all supplies from Dollar Tree.

Pouring water.

I made this no sew button snake with buttons, ribbon and fabric glue. Just cut squares of felt and make a slit in each.

I purchased these at Michaels and then painted them with acrylic paint for color matching.

Tonging marbles onto fish. Bath mat is from Target and the toaster tongs are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Tonging and one to one correspondence. This can evolve to patterning i.e. red, yellow, red etc.
Make sure to have child start from the top left and work right for reading readiness.

Sushi match-up. Muffin tin and sushi erasers from Target dollar section.

Magnetic or non-magnetic? We purchased the magnetic wand from our local School Box. For my 5 year old I also include two bowls with magnetic or non magnetic written next to the bowl for sorting.

Putting toothpicks into the holes of a cheese shaker. I supervise this closely as the picks are a little sharp. You could use pick up sticks if you are concerned about the sharpness of the toothpicks.

Sorting small bears by color.


  1. I love that no sew button snake - much easier than the button board I was thinking about making! Thanks for linking up with the Weekly Kid's Co-Op. I've pinned this post to the Weekly Kids Co-Op Pinterest board.

  2. Thank you so much, really appreciate all your comments :)

  3. I also love the no sew button snake! What a great idea. And those ice cream shaped bowls and spoons are so great. My daughter practices pouring water often - whether I want her to or not. lol Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you Samantha! I can't even sew a button on LOL

  5. Where did you buy the trays/boxes? I love the idea of having different ones and then passing them to the next person. I have 10 children in my class and this would be a great table time activity!

  6. Hi Becky, thanks for your comment. I have 12 kids in my class. The wood box/tray are left over from some Melissa and Doug toys. There are "Colorations Trays" on the Discount School Supply website that we use at my preschool.

  7. How does the magnetic and non magnetic thingy work? Would love to run that in my Enrichment Class for Kids

  8. They use a magnetic wand to test which objects are magnetic or non magnetic, thanks.

  9. Great ideas! Love the sushi tray!