Sunday, May 27, 2012

25 days of summer homeschool: DAY 1

This is the first summer I will homeschool my three kids. I am concerned about summer learning loss so I've decided to just dive right in. Today is day 1 of 25 days of summer homeschool. We will homeschool Monday through Friday in the morning for about 20-45 minutes depending on age. I am using a workbox system.

Day 1

Mr. Bright-side is using a Kumon writing and math book, a cursive warm-up sheet from Handwriting Without Tears and an All About Me Dr. Seuss journal.

Mr. Rolo is signing his name, completing some Kumon tracing sheets and doing an upper case/lowercase alphabet search.

This shoe box tub in filled with yellow cornmeal, magnetic letters and a magnetic wand. Once he finds an uppercase letter he matches it to the lowercase letters on the easel. The lowercase letter template is from prekinders.

Miss. Independent is working on cutting straws and strips of card stock.


  1. Hi Kara, I am really enjoying your blog!! HOmeschooling three this summer as well. My 6 year old daughter my 4 year old son and my 5 year old neice :)Your blog will be a necessary tool to be sure. I love that you aren't expecting to dedicate your entire morning!
    Can you share how you plan what they'll do? I am always on the quest for the perfect planner...
    I am thinking something I just print and recycle would be best..

  2. Thank you so much Taci! This is a link to how I plan: