Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Calm Down Glitter Jar

Today we made "calm down jars" for our calm down baskets (more on those to come). We made one with 1/2 rubbing alcohol, 1/2 vegetable oil and one vial of ultra fine glitter. The other two are warm water, one glitter glue stick and one vial of ultra fine glitter. I prefer the look of the water jars (blue and gold). The oil jar (red) is a bit cloudy for my taste. All jars also received a few drops of food coloring yellow for gold, blue and green for the blue jar and red for the red jar. I also used glue to seal the lids.

As for the calm down part, the idea is to have an upset child shake the jar and watch the glitter settle for 2-3 minutes as a way to calm down and regroup :) I intend to use a jar like this at my reflection table in my preschool class next year. Inspiration from my friend Helena :)

Mr. Bright side mixing the glue stick with warm water to prevent clumps.

The jars.


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