Monday, May 21, 2012

Calm down trays

Here is our calm down trays we created last week. So far they have had average success. The kids love them, but in the heat of the moment they don't always want to cooperate with switching gears from being upset to settling into an activity on the tray. Nevertheless, I feel they are more of a success than a flop.

Mr. Rolo's: glitter jar, calm down time book, beluga photo, harmonica, giggly stick, mama and baby elephant and a soft worm.

Mr. Bright-side's: Harry Potter Encyclopedia, joke book, snake book, glitter jar and a soft worm.

Miss Independent's: glitter jar, magnetic dress up doll and motorcycle with driver.


  1. Your calm down trays and glitter jars are a great idea, Kara! I pinned them to my Stress-Free Kids board at