Tuesday, May 29, 2012

DAY 3 (25 Days of Summer Homeschooling)

Update (day 2): Mr. Rolo enjoyed matching the rhyming words and handwriting without tears (HWT) practice. Miss Independent did some practice cutting and wanted to "write" on a chalkboard with chalk. Mr. Bright side refused to do the addition puzzles saying it was far too easy so he opted for a math worksheet instead. He LOVED the story starter and wrote and drew far more than I could have hoped for! If I didn't have such a fabulous new teaching position waiting for me in August I would be tempted to give homeschooling a try next year.

Day 3

Mr. Rolo will continue HWT curriculum for his uppercase letters. For math he will do some counting puzzles.

Miss Independent will lace beads.

Mr. Bright side will have the HWT cursive warm-up sheet, math worksheet and a story starter for his journal that reads, "I looked into the huge shell and out crawled..."

Some additional info: The 3 and 5 year old spend about 15 minutes at the table and then move onto other activities some featured here on the blog. We swim and go to a playground almost everyday. We do not watch TV except for a movie on Sunday morning. My 8 year old is spending about an hour at the table mostly writing and drawing in his journal. We continue to use the visual schedule to help with the transition to summer time :)

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