Thursday, May 31, 2012

DAY 5 (25 days of summer homeschool)

Update: Mr. Bright side thought the mad libs were funny, but towards the end he was getting tired and I needed to help with suggestions to wrap it up before he got turn off. I think the mad libs are pretty challenging for him.

Mr. Rolo had a hard time counting out items larger than five so that is something we will continue to work on. He also balked when I said it was time for school this morning so I just said to come to the table when he was ready (terribly worried he might not come.) Thankfully after about 10 minutes of doing his own thing he came to check out the box and then started working.

Miss Independent tried to do the Melissa and Doug puzzle and it was too hard.

I'm adding the updates because I often read homeschool blogs that lay out the work, but I always wonder what worked and what didn't.

Day 5

Miss Independent is getting this sweet surprise -- a fun horse stable :)

Mr. Rolo will continue to work on counting with a printable I laminated from Confessions of a Homeschooler and some buttons. He will also practice some prewriting pages.

Mr. Bright side will start his first day of sequential spelling and a math sheet sent from school for summer review.

I can't believe we have completed our first 5 days! I feel like this has been such a great experience for me in terms of getting a much clearer picture of my children's strength and weaknesses. Want to see all our days of summer home school? Just click on the label "summer homeschool"

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