Friday, May 18, 2012

Visual Schedule

We are now using a visual schedule to help the kids transition from school to summer holidays (just one week away). Last summer my kids really had trouble with the lack of structure, so I'm trying to head that off this summer. I hope this schedule helps the kids to better anticipate the day and avoid some transition meltdowns.

Also, this summer is the first summer I'll be homeschooling. For my oldest I hope this helps put how much homework he has in perspective so he can see that much more of his day is fun stuff :)

For the younger kids I think taking myself out of the equation and referring to a schedule rather than me yapping about what happens next is far more effective. I chose this particular visual schedule because it has pictures for the non-readers and words for the readers.


  1. Thanks for sharing your link over at my blog!!!

    These are perfect examples and I hope other come over to see what you've shared.

    Debbie Clement

  2. Thanks Debbie I love your blog!!!