Saturday, May 26, 2012

What's in our Pool Bag

The community pools opened today and we couldn't be more excited with temperatures in the 90s now. We go to the pool most afternoons and then head home for supper and bedtime routines. I find a well stocked pool bag can really make a pool visit much more enjoyable for everyone.

1. I prefer a plastic, basket tote so that I can see what I'm looking for easily and the water drains away quickly. We actually attached our pool pass to this bag for safe keeping.

2. Dive sticks and rings. These keep my boys pretty busy.

3. Super hero pool toys. I try to have an extra toy or two so that we can offer them to friends.

4. Dolls.

5. Hooded towels they are just so much more practical than regular towels that are always falling off.

6. A large picnic blanket with a waterproof bottom.

7. Goggles and/or masks.

8. Snack and drinks.

9. Extra sunscreen and first aid kit.

10. Dry clothes for walking home.

11. For myself I always bring my own drink, sun hat, sunglasses and a comfortable cover-up.


  1. Packing some extra toys to share with friends is such a nice idea. Thanks for joining in with the Kids Co-op this week!