Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 18 (25 Days of Summer Homeschool)

Today we're learning a little more about magnets. Mr. Bright side is at camp this week so I decided to introduce this DIY magnetic jug.

I recycled a plastic lemonade jug to create this magnetic bottle. I put magnetic translucent chips (that we had on hand from a magnetic wand set) and cut up pieces of pipe cleaners into the jug. The possibilities are endless from paper clips to safety pins to dimes etc. I did not glue the top closed because I may want to reuse in a different way another time. The magnetic wands are then used to move around all the pieces. I've noticed the boys seem to like this when they are tired and just want to chill out for a bit. Miss Independent is using it as a food bottle for her dolls.

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