Friday, July 20, 2012

DIY Crazy Easy Marble Run

For the DIY marble run you'll need one pool noodle, some strips of blue painters tape (i.e. low tact), marbles and something to catch the marbles. Oh yeah, a stair railing is needed too, LOL.

Take the pool noodle and attach to the stair railing with tape. It's so light I only needed to attach it in two spaces (top and bottom). Put bowl at end of the noodle. Then drop marbles through the top of the noodle. I had all the materials at home so this took about 2 minutes to set-up, maybe less :)

This has been up for 4 days and all 3 kids play with it together every day. Lots of fun sibling bonding and making up of new games. 


  1. That is a great idea. I hope you will stop by and add a link to this post on Artsy Play Wednesday on Capri + 3. Today is the first of what will be a weekly linky featuring posts about arts, crafts and play activities for children. I hope to see you there, if not today, then next Wednesday.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  2. Thanks Theresa I will stop by for sure!

  3. This is a favorite of ours! I love the bowl at the end to catch the marbles. My boys like to watch them go flying then run around trying to catch them. Thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase.