Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Favorite Toys

After eight years of parenthood these are many of the toys that have gotten the most use in our home. I sure wish I had a list like this a few years ago it would of saved us some money :)

Sensory tables offer endless opportunities for indoor and outdoor play. You can fill it with just about anything: water, sand, beans, rice, cornmeal, shredded paper, water beads etc. The props are endless too, it can be an animal habitat or a baby bath center or a construction site. 
Tree blocks can enrich all types of play while also being fun on their own. We add them to dinosaurs, dolls houses, farms, sensory boxes etc.

This tree house by Maxim has inspired so much creative play. I love how it attracts both boys and girls. It's very Swiss Family Robinson.

Without our scooters we wouldn't get around our awesome neighborhood as much. They have provided our children a lot of freedom.

We are blessed to live on a dead end street so street hockey provides HOURS of endless fun and exercise.

Marble runs have fascinated all my kids and they really appeal to a wide age group. I like the set offered by Discovery Toys the best.

A doll house. I like Calico Critters because I had them as a kid, but really any will do, including a book shelf with some cardboard furniture.

A kitchen is such fun. I found ours at a church sale for $15. I love all the food and dishes from Ikea and Melissa and Doug. I also like that I can add cultural elements to the kitchen with food from around the world. Sushi and chopsticks, dim sum steamers etc.

Doll strollers are such fun. The boys love racing with them and the girl loves to push her dolls all around the house.

You'll notice I didn't post legos or train sets, although we did splash out on both items, they just don't seem to hold our kids interest.

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