Friday, June 29, 2012

Potting Flowers with Playdough DAY 20 of 25 Days of Summer Homeschool

You'll need a bunch of artificial flowers, playdough and pots for potting. All your need to do is clip the flowers into individual flowers that will fit into the pots and then you can start planting!

Here's a photo of the supplies I used. These are silicone baking pots, lucky find at Ross. Cupcake holders would work and so would ice cube trays to plant a garden or real pots.

Miss Independent potting her flowers.

Using an ice cube tray for a flower garden. I think we'll use the tray, a bit of playdough and a few flowers in our busy bag too. She LOVED this activity!

"Play Doh Duffel Bag"

Multi-Colored Eco Dough - Company Kids


  1. What a lovely, lovely going to use this one with my twins! Just dropping by from TGIF linky!

  2. Such simple easy to find materials can offer hours of play.
    Great post