Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Cats and Dogs

Cynthia Rylant is one of my favorite children's authors. Yesterday, I stumbled upon The Cookie Store Cat and The Bookstore Dog at our local used book store and I highly recommend both!

"Business is booming at Martha Jane's Bookshop, because everyone in town loves Martha Jane, the owner's dog. In fact, they love her so much that when the owner gets sick and needs a dog-sitter, fights break out over who should do the honors. Martha Jane helps settle things amicably and nets her owner a husband in the process. It's a diverting tale, and Rylant delivers it with an understated sense of humor." Age 3 and up. Copyright 1996 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Scholastic, "In this companion story to author Rylant's The Bookshop Dog, a stray kitten is found early one morning when the bakers in a small town open their stores for business. The cat is nurtured and grows up to be the town's favorite friend. Each morning, the cat visits the fish-shop, the bookshop, the yarn lady, and the parish priest. But he is most cherished by the bakers, and as a result, grows up to love an assortment of cookies, cakes, and other treats. And at Christmas time, the cat becomes the talk of the town.
Rylant's bright illustrations translate and highlight the engaging story. The book also includes a list of cookie recipes for children, parents, and teachers."

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