Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY Preschool Work Trays

Here are some preschool "work" ideas that you can make at home.

Laminate practice writing sheets from and use dry erase crayons or markers for letter writing on the go!

From is a print out of upper case letters that I put into a sheet protector. Have your child match letter stickers to each letter on the template. When your child is finished, you can slide out the template and put it into a fresh sheet protector for another day.

I got every letter of the alphabet in do-a-dot form from here. Obviously you can use the do-a-dot markers, but I wanted something less messy for on the go. So again I slipped the template into a sheet protector and used dot stickers from the grocery store instead.

This is a very open ended activity that I keep in my purse. It's just paper squares in a bunch of colors that matches play dough blobs (oh my I love how "technical" my writing has become LOL). My 3 year old ended up matching the colored dough to the sheets of paper and started rolling them up and calling them mini tacos...Who knows what your little one will come up with!

We have a giant tree mural in my classroom that needed to be filled up for fall so we chose leaves with the students names. Since we are studying fruits this month I had them decorate paper apples to be hung onto the tree. We used red and green do-a-dot dabbers and apple stickers to embellish the apples.

Here's our magnetic table. On the far left is a discovery tube filled with magnetic chips and marbles. The tray has lots of different magnetic items and the jug is filled with cut up pipe cleaners. Children use the magnetic wands to manipulate the items.

This board came with my class and it is genius. It's an acrylic stand for 8.5 x 11 sheets of paper that are sold at office supply stores. It has been hot glued to a wood base for stability. Then small hooks were hot glue to the front of the acrylic stand to correspond with a worksheet. This one is shapes. A duplicate of the worksheet was laminated, cut and hole punched to created the pieces to the matching board. My students love matching games and there seems to be something very satisfying to 3 year olds about slipping the pieces onto the hooks.


  1. love that everything is in a tray, as my kids would get everything every where I think I need to get one of these. can't believe i didn't think of it sooner

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  2. Thank you Natasha I added the link :)

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  5. I love it! Thank you so much for posting on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll be back this week to link up some more great ideas! Have a great rest of the week!

  6. Wonderful ideas here, Kara! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)