Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 10 Educational iPad Apps (ages 3-6)

We own all these apps and have been using them for several months to a year. The top four apps are great for fine motor development and printing. I included Pickles Doll because it is a multicultural paper dolls app that many don't know about and in my opinion is a nice alternative to some other "barbie" style apps.
  1. Dexteria
  2. Ready to print
  3. Handwriting without tears
  4. Letter school
  5. Montessori counting board
  6. Preschool memory match
  7. Shape builder
  8. Pop Out! Peter Rabbit
  9. The Three Pandas
  10. Pickles Dolls
The Dexteria app, show below, includes three activities, my kids love pinching the crabs. This activity is meant to develop muscles for pencil gripping.

The Three Pandas, shown below, is based on Goldilocks and The Three Bears, it's a very interactive story -- so much fun for preschoolers!