Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Encouraging Building Among Kids with Fine Motor & Spatial Delays

I thought when we had boys we would be busy putting together train tracks and then as they got older it would be legos. I could never get them interested in these activities and it didn't matter how much I tried to teach them how the "lessons" never stuck. Flash forward a few years and it turns out both boys have some major spatial processing deficits and fine motor developmental delays. I was almost ready to give up on purchasing another building set when I came across a set of magna tiles at work -- I work as a preschool teacher for 3 year olds.

Finally a building toy that just attaches together, voila, without requiring any fine motor strength. So I splurged and bought a 100 piece set for the three kids to use together. Turns out 100 pieces is just barely enough. WOW! They all like building things with the tiles, especially on the light box since the tiles are translucent colors. They finally are experiencing some building success without becoming frustrated with the fine motor demands of legos!

If you have a child that avoids building toys you may wish to try this product -- I wish I could say I am reviewing this for the company (it would have been nice to get a free set) but I'm not. I truly am just so happy with the purchase and being able to finally see my boys building things is such a relief. I wanted to pass it along to any of you out there that may be in the same boat :) Happy building!

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  1. We bought Jonathan some Magformers for Christmas. They're for kids age 6+ and the kids CANNOT put them down. Magnatiles are great too!