Sunday, March 17, 2013

Handprint Bouquet

A fun spring activity is to make a handprint bouquet. You can choose one or several colors of paint or ink to use. Press you child's hand in the paint and then press it on to a file folder so the paper is sturdy enough. Repeat the same color with your child's other hand on to the file folder. Let the paint dry and then cut out the two hand prints. Attach the prints together with a staple at the sides. Stick a smoothie size straw in green inside for the stem. You may wish to add some glue to the end of the straw for extra sticking power. We found solo cups in lavender, green and yellow for spring to be the pots. We put some old pay dough in the bottom and then stuck the flowers inside. We covered the play dough with green easter grass.

file folders
paint or ink in assorted colors
smoothie straws
play dough
easter grass
solo cup