Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Giving Thanks

Today I am giving thanks for all the blessings I have. This morning I made muffins with my 4 year old and gave thanks that she wants to cook with me and I hope that never changes. I gave thanks for the food we had to bake and the kitchen we have to bake it in. I gave thanks for the mess.

Then we walked to our elementary school to see her brothers one in K and the other in 3rd. I gave thanks for our school and all its amazing teachers and students. I read to the K class and we stayed for lunch. I looked around that classroom and just tried to suck up all that sweet energy and love. We peeked in on the 3rd graders enjoying board game afternoon and gave thanks for what a fun teacher we have and all of his sweet friends.

This afternoon we are baking cookies for the 3rd grade graduation and picnic tomorrow. With thunder clouds building in the sky my thoughts jump back to Oklahoma. Days like this I often get caught up in all the "have to dos".  Not today. Today I give thanks for all the blessings in my life. My thoughts not far from the families of Oklahoma who have lost homes and lives and children. May we all do our part to help them rebuild and remember. God bless.

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