Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Homeschool Week 2

Wow I thought summer homeschooling would be so much easier this year with the kids being older, but it is not turning out the way I thought. 

So I have scaled back. I hate to admit it! We are really just trying to keep up with daily reading. I have also been relying on an app for all three kids that reviews math and reading for their grade level. They spend about 10-25 minutes reviewing key concepts and they love it.

Teach Me apps are available for toddlers all the way up to grade three. 

Common sense media describes it as:

Parents need to know that Teach Me: Kindergarten is an educational app that allows you to fine tune your child's learning experience. You can adjust the number of correct answers a child must make in order to earn a reward; you can determine which awards will be available (most are virtual "stickers" to place on one of several backdrops; there are also fish and ornaments for a virtual aquarium). You can also manually raise your child's skill level if you believe the app is starting him or her at too low a point, and you can toggle which subjects you want on or off.

What I like about it is that it seems to be aligned very closely to what the kids have learned in school this year.

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