Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Calming Invitations to Play

We have been back to school for five weeks. For the most part it has been a pretty smooth transition. I am really trying to limit TV afterschool until 5 pm for about 30-60 minutes. We have been going to the pool a lot after school which has really helped the kids to unwind and reset from school. Today Miss Independent has a fever so we are home this afternoon. I put out a large under the bed storage box and filled with water, aquarium gravel, gems, shells and a Safari Ocean Toob figure set. It is a nice way to unwind, also pictured below is a sensory table from my classroom filled with rice and tools that also does a great job of calming kids. Other ideas for calming sensory play include play dough, cloud dough and bubble baths.


  1. This is a good idea. I need to make one for my kids. This would be good to help clam them down at the end of the day. Thank you for sharing.