Sunday, September 8, 2013

Preschool "Letter Writing"

Since school started six weeks ago, all my focus has been helping on helping my fourth grader adjust to big kid school and dealing with my first graders broken arm.

So Miss Independent (preK) has been off playing on her own quite a bit. Yesterday I realized I haven't seen her at her little art table in a looooong time. So in an effort to get her creating again I took advantage of her interest in mail. I purchased from the dollar store a bunch of index cards, note pads, envelopes and small mailers. I also brought out markers, stickers, stamps and a shoe box for a mail box to get her excited.

There are so many super cute posts on blogs with really sweet homemade mailboxs and all sorts of beautiful materials for letter making. This post is the cheap and quick version of that. I'd like to get the boys involved in this by providing some word cards to get them going for example words like Dear, To, From, Love etc...

A sweet book, Delivering Your Mail to read with your little mail carrier!

Another great book is A Letter to Amy by Ezra Jack Keats.

Here's an offering from Melissa and Doug in case you'd rather have a more "offical" system.

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