Thursday, December 12, 2013

25 Holiday Traditions for Families!

I went to a great support group the other night for parents (moms) of kids with ADHD and LDs. We talked a lot about cutting out holiday commitments that you really don't want to do and about doing less and enjoying more time with your kids. That got me thinking about my childhood and how I can barely remember any of the hundreds of gifts I got over the years and how what I really remember where the traditions and time spent together.

So I thought I'd take a crack at coming up with 25 traditions for the holidays - maybe one of these might be fun for you -- just remember to do what you want to do and what works for you and not what you think you should do!
  1. Have a family sleep over -- everyone sleeps in the same room maybe by the Christmas tree!
  2. Game night - we like Bunco
  3. Movie night - we like Polar Express
  4. Caroling
  5. Driving around to see the lights
  6. Going to see a live nativity
  7. Baking cookies
  8. Making gingerbread houses
  9. Making ornaments for the tree
  10. Make a reading basket from the library full of seasonal books
  11. Church - just got back from the Emmanuel service at my church - amazing!
  12. Read aloud as a family
  13. Volunteering together
  14. See a sporting event - we get tickets for a hockey game 
  15. Visit a state or national park for a hike or bike ride
  16. Make a special meal - we like to have Thai food for New Year's or how about a taco bar or make your own pizza or breakfast for dinner
  17. FaceTime or Skype with relatives and friends far away
  18. Deliver cookies to friends
  19. Host a cookie swap - my personal favorite!
  20. Go for a family swim at an indoor pool
  21. Learn about another holiday you don't celebrate - we bought a dreidel to play the dreidel game and we listened to a Hanukkah CD from the library
  22. Meet another family at a restaurant for a meal
  23. Make reindeer food and drink hot chocolate
  24. Use an advent calendar - we always get the chocolate ones :)
  25. Write a letter to Santa
Update: A few days before Christmas ask your children to donate toys, clothes, books and games they no longer use to Goodwill. We ended up filling three large garbage bags full of items and a few things will find a new home in my classroom. Great way to make room for new gifts.

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