Sunday, February 2, 2014

Modge Podge Map Table to Honor Your Family Roots

The top of my little Ikea kid's table had seen better days and I really didn't want to break out the paint again and it just so happened I had been lusting after some pinterst pics of maps that had been modge podged to furniture. So then I remembered I had a map of Atlantic Canada (where I and my husband grew up) stashed away.

I carefully cut out the part of the map that had both grandmother's cities on it so the kids could always look to see where their Nana's lived.

The map was wrinkled and so the table has some "topography" to it, but if you are picky you would want to make your map smooth before applying it to furniture.

Anyway I just cut the map to size. Applied modge podge to the top of the table. Stuck on the map. Then I probably did 5 coats over top of the map letting each coat dry in between. That was a year ago and the table still looks grand! I love that it looks great and it has a special meaning too!