Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Heart Plate - A family tradition of recognizing kindness

I bought a $1.99 red heart plate from Target to use as a way to recognize loving acts in our family. It reminds me of the color of Dorthy's shoes in the Wizard of Oz and it definitely grab the attention of the kids. Here's the system:

Anyone can tell Mom or Dad if they think another sibling should get the red heart plate.

No one can nominate themselves.

You always get the plate on your birthday.

Mom and Dad can get the heart plate too, not just the kids.

Usually Mom or Dad notices someone going above and beyond to be loving and that is how the plate is awarded -- in our house this happens a a few times a week, it's not an everyday thing.

At dinner the heart plate recipient is suprised with the plate.

Everyone congraulates the person on getting the plate - no moaning or groaning that you did not get it.

I didn't start this to try and get better behavior from the kids. I had noticed our oldest doing an amazing job this year and felt he wasn't getting enough recognition so I started it as a way to thank Mr. Brightside. The plate has motivated my 7 year old to be more loving and I don't think the five year old thinks much of trying to get the plate yet.

All in all it has been a nice addition to our family traditions :)

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