Friday, March 21, 2014

Getting Ready for Spring

Everything is starting to bloom and now that we had a sunny day today I thought why not get the deck ready for spring. Miss Independant has logged quite a few hours in the school garden this year and is really showing an interest in growing things. Of course it would be nice to have a yard, but since we don't we are making due with containers on the deck.

Gardening gloves.

A little garden (window box) to grow lavendar and a cute mini garden flag.


Nothing spruces up a deck after winter than new pillows and potted plants.

I went ahead and added an art area and a new hummingbird feeder.

Gerber daisys and some mini lights.

Refilled the bird feeder and added a house.

We will add some more gardens for her to plant including a fairy one and some strawberry containers. Go ahead and enjoy nature and springtime even if you just have an outdoor deck space.


  1. Ah it looks great :) I really need to get our garden ready for spring too- thanks for the reminder!
    x x