Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Learning about flowers - book, craft & activity

I LOVE flowers! So planning some preschool activitites around flowers is always super fun for me. I did some digging around for a new read aloud and was so happy to have found Alison's Zinnia by Anita Lobel. The illustrations are stunning as the books works it's way through a flower alphabet.

This simple lupine or hyacinth flower craft (below) I found on pinterest. We copied it exactly and it turned out lovely.

The kids most favorite activity is planting fake flowers in play dough!

It's fun to look at real flowers and talk about the shapes and colors and names of each flower.

I hope these ideas have planted some inspirtation for you to explore flowers with your children and students!


  1. What a lovely book. I love flowers too, so I will have to check this one out of the library. Thanks so much for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop.

    1. Yes we found it at our library it is sooooo beautiful.

  2. It did turn out very nicely! I have added this to our list of activities during summer :) Thanks for joining us on Kidlit Bloghop this week, hope you can share more on our next hop too!
    -Reshama @ Stackingbooks

  3. Nice to see you on the Hop Kara! :-) The illustrations in the book are gorgeous. We love flowers in our house as well - my gardens are filled with so many different varieties that crop up from late winter to late fall. The hyacinth flower craft turned out to be so pretty. It's amazing how a simple craft idea can turn into a pretty work of art. Thanks for joining us in the Kid Lit Blog Hop.